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tv   Through the Decades  CBS  February 10, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am MST

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and what's the other. the parents, previously, up until to now, the only other person with two successful trilogies is gandler. >> i'd probably be that old the next time we did the next zoolander. >> stephen: everybody loves this film. there are so many camoze. there was a person you wanted but couldn't get. >> there were a couple. laura bush, we went for. >> stephen: first lady laura bush? >> former first lady laura bush. i met her at a football game about five years ago and she had said to me she was a fan of "zoolander" which i was surprise gld i was surprised as well. >> when we went to make the second one, i said, hey, there's this scene where owen wilson has a relationship with a group of people in movie.
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>> stephen: you did not say orgy to the first lady. >> no, i didn't, i chickened out before i got to orgy, because i realized as i was pitching her that there's no way in hell she will do the movie. >> stephen: i have seen the movie. i know the scene you are talking about. >> wouldn't it have been great to have her pop up in there? ( laughter ) ( applause ) i think people would have been so happy. she's a smart lady. she declined. >> stephen: she has secret service protection, right? >> yes, of course. they'd be in the scene, too. ( laughter ) >> stephen: that's fantastic. >> and we also went for julian assange. >> stephen: really. >> yes. >> stephen: was that your idea or interpols? let's see if we ket kget him-- and he said no. >> he didn't feel it would help his extradition process, which i can understand. >> stephen: well, congratulations. >> thanks, man. >> stephen: and please don't wait another 15 years. >> it's nice to be here for the first time. >> stephen: it's nice to have you here. it's a, mr. to see you. >> i like this good thing you have going on here. >> stephen: i like it, too. i like it, too. >> it's a nice place. >> stephen: yeah, it is.
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( laughter ) ( applause ) >> stephen: we don't have to go. we can just hang. >> in late-night television you don't get enough uncomfortable pauses between people, right? ( laughter ) ( laughter ) ( applause ) ( laughter )
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( laughter ) ( laughter ) ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: "zoolander 2" opens february >> stephen: "zoolander 2" opens 12. we'll be right back.
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( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome back, everybody. my next guest won the new hampshire democratic presidential primary last night. please welcome senator bernie sanders. ( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) all right, accept torsanders, first of all, congratulations on >> thank you very much. >> stephen: you won by 22 points, as somebody said at the beginning of the show. but you also won some interesting categories. you won 86% of people 18-24. you know. you're like the-- it's like you're puppied monkeybaby. do you know what that reference is? do you know what that means? >> actually, not, no.
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no one knows what it means. that's the secret. >> i feel better. >> stephen: it's complete nonsense. it's complete nonsense. why do you think the younglings like you? >> i think for two reasons. by definition, young people are idealistic, and they look at a world with so many problems and they say why not? why can't all people in this country have health care? why can't we make public colleges and universities tuition free? why not. ( cheers and applause ). >> stephen: well, the answer is, the answer is that it's expensive. it's a very expensive thing to do. >> but the second part that i think young people are thinking about is how does it happen that with all of this technology and productivity in our economy, they are likely to have a lower standard of living than their parents, while almost all new income and wealth is going to the top 1%. they're not dumb and they are saying, "hey, we want a fair shake as well." i think those are a couple of reasons they're gravitating to our. >> stephen: that sounds like
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if you say most is going to the top 1% and how do you achieve that fairness because the top 1% has a lot of influence with the to give it up. they will fight tooth and nail. and i'll tell you how i know-- i am in the top 1%. and as a matter of fact, the hell with that, the top 1% parks my car. i'm way higher than that. those guys and girls are going to fight you very hard. why do you think you can make this change? >> i think because we have reached a point in american society where people are just very, very unhappy with the status quo. >> stephen: do you think that there's a similarity and appeal between and you donald trump? because i had bill o'reilly on here, on monday night. and he said you guys, the same thing with different haircuts. and the polls show that there are a lot of people in new hampshire who up to the last minute hadn't made up their mind between and you donald trump. >> let me say something about bill o'reilly. bill said-- and this is the reason why people might want to
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i won the perez daens-- presidency, he would move to ireland. ( cheers and applause ) so electing me president is a two-fer. you get sanders and you get bill to go to ireland. >> stephen: but there are people who are trying to choose between you and trump. why would that be? you don't seem like two sides of the same coin. >> well, i think a lot of donald trump's supporters are angry. they are, in many cases, people who are working longer hours for low wages. they're people who are really worried about what's going to happen to their kids. but i think what they have done is responded to trump's false message which suggests that if we keep muslims out of this country or if we keep scapegoating latinos or mexicans that somehow our country becomes better. i think that's a false solution. and my view is that, yes, people have a right to be angry.
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when we are the only major country on earth that doesn't provide fade family and medical leave. when we have more people living in poverty today than almost any time in the history of this country. people have a right to be angry. but what we need to be is rational in figuring out how we address the problems and not simply scapegoating minorities. ( cheers and applause ). >> stephen: well, you say-- your opponent, your opponent, mrs. clinton, has said that you offer false solutions, things that will not be achieved. for instance, single-payer health care, universal health care. we have just gone through eight years of constant fighting over what was really not-- not making health care public. our health care is private. it was very good for private industry, obamacare. the insurance companies were all for it because everybody had to
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so it's not a socialized medicine. and still, people lost their mind. you want to actually introduce socialized medicine. >> no. >> stephen: they'll be voting to repeal this until the moon falls into the pacific. ( laughter ). >> okay, let me rephrase the question. and ask you this. >> stephen: hold on. okay, you may. >> okay. ( laughter ) how does it happen that every other major country on earth, all of europe, our neighbors to the north, canada are, able to provide universal health care to every man, woman, and child in those countries. they're able to have prescription drugs cost substantially less than in the united states of america. and their total costs per capita are much, much less than in our country. >> stephen: well, my guest on monday bill o'reilly said denmark. here.
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>> well, that's-- not to disagree with my good friend bill o'reilly, but he's, as usual, wrong. ( laughter ) ( applause ) look, you know, germany does it. the united kingdom does it. canada does it. countries all over the world do it. what the issue is, not what we should do. most people believe health care should be a right. most people think it's absurd that the pharmaceutical industry continues to rip us off, and one out of five americans can't even afford the prescriptions their doctors write. that's not the debate. the question is do we have the ability to stand up to the private insurance companies and the drug companies? i believe that when people are aroused, when they're organized, when they're prepared to stand up and fight back, yes, we can take on the drug companies and the insurance companies. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: we've got to take
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reordering bresciani socks. okay listen... can you send some lawyers or something? (moaning)
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,, ,, ,, ,, everybody. sanders. now, from here you go on to south carolina, right?
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carolina, and we have a debate tomorrow night in wisconsin. >> stephen: there's a lot of talk that mrs. clinton's firewall is south carolina because you're not polling as well down there. i'm, you know, i don't know how things are going to turn out, but i am from south carolina so i wanted to educate you a little bit on my home state. if you want to get the vote down there, you have to eat boiled peanuts. have you ever had a boiled peanut? okay. the recipe is very simple. >> delicious, beautiful, beautiful. >> stephen: you take a peanut and boil it in salt water, and then you eat it like that. and it's-- that's a boiled peanut. you have that with a nice beer. do you want a beer? all right. that is-- this is a little. ( cheers and applause ) you like them? >> yeah. >> stephen: they're damp, report they? >> and this wins me south carolina. >> yes, it does. if you like boiled peanuts it
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south carolina. people up here, when i offer them this food they say, "oh, here comes colbert with more of his damp food." ( laughter ) you travel coach yourself, and you always travel in the middle seat. why is that? is that penance for something? ( laughter ) why travel in the middle seat, sir? >> because we cooperate get the aisle or the damn window. that's why. ( laughter ) ( applause ). >> stephen: do you think-- do you think america itself is in the middle seat right now, metaphorically speaking? >> metaphorically speaking, people are being squeezed no question about it. and i think what the campaign is about is talking about why we have so much inequality, why we are not making public colleges and universities tuition free when it is clear to all of us we need the best-educated workforce in the world. why are we allowing our infrastructure to continue to
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we can create millions of decent-paying jobs rebuilding our roads and our bridges? why do we have more people in jail than any other country on earth, disproportionately black and latino? why is it that we have a system today where our campaign finance system is now corrupt, where billionaires are literally buying elections? why do we allow that to happen? >> stephen: so that's a lot of questions. is there an over-arching reason? >> yes, there is. >> stephen: do you see an answer at the heart of all this? >> there really is. and the answer is that our campaign finance system, our election system, and our economy is essentially owned and controlled by a relatively small number of people whose greed, in my view, is really wreaking havoc with the middle class of this country. ( applause ) and i think-- and i know, you know, that is a position that not a lot of people are
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but at the end of the day, if you're talking about a small number of people making huge campaign contributions to elect people who represent their interests, if you are talking about massive levels of income and wealth inequality in our economy, what you're really talking about is a nation drifting into an algarkic form of society rather than being the kind of vibrant democracy and strong middle class that we should be. ( applause ). >> stephen: so let's imagine that answer is correct. let's imagine the answer is correct. how do you breakab oligarchy? >> the only way that i know how to do it is the way change has always come about, stephen, in this country and the world. we used to have a seg gailted society. african americans couldn't go to schools, couldn't drink at water fountains. millions of people stood together and said, "hey, enough is enough. that is not what america is supposed to be about." >> stephen: are you ever afraid it will end up in violence?
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>> stephen: i know you're not talking about violence, but those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable is what john kennedy said. and if your answer is not the answer, is violent revolution inevitable? >> well, i wouldn't eye certainly hope not, but i hope-- and what the goal of this campaign is about is to look at the civil rights movement, look at the women's movement, look at the gay movement, understand that when we'll come together we can accomplish enormous things. but i think what people are saying enough is enough. we need fundamental changes in our political system and our economic system. ( applause ). >> stephen: well, senator, good luck. cheers. bernie sanders, everybody. he's running for president. we'll be right back. this is a gay car. this is a short man's car. this is a cute car.
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by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. from their latest album "drum heart," ladies and gentlemen,
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( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: check out drum tao on their north american tour and right here in new york city tomorrow through sunday.
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late show." if you haven't done so yet check out "the late show" e.b." with jon batiste and stay human. my guests will be fred armisen, "playboy" cover girl sarah mcdaniel, and a musical performance by ty segall and the muggers. now stick around for james corden.
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up for the one, the only, james corden! (cheers and applause) >> james: welcome to this, the "late, late show." thank you for staying awake for us. we really appreciate it. thanks so much. (cheers and applause). >> james: cheers, guys, thank you. now ladies and gentlemen, as i'm sure you know, the new hampshire primary was held last night. donald trump won in a blowout on the republican side. i wish that was a joke that we had written but that's what actually happened.
11:34 pm
about donald trump. but personally have i been think being t but honestly i think this whole trump thing is just going to blow over by his reelection in 12020. (laughter) but after last night it looks like chris christie is out after this primary, which isn't surprising. like myself, he doesn't look like the kind of guy who wins a lot of races. (laughter) jeb bush came in fourth place. he came in fourth place but he told cnn that he considers that a win. (laughter) i mean it's-- is it possible for a man to be sadder than jeb bush? we are a week away from jeb bush walking on stage at the debate just wearing sweat pants, eating cereal directly out of the box and just going, oh, what's the point. of course, bernie sanders won on the democratic side last night. (cheers and applause)
11:35 pm
she was so close, she was only 2 million coin tosses short of winning. but it was a big night for bernie. he even got a new nickname. >> did you see that play out in different ways in both trump, particularly closing message and railing gens fark fark companies and the like and bernie sandwiches-- sandwiches-- . >> james: he called him bernie sanders bernie sandwiches. to be fair, bernie sandwiches sounds so much cooler than bernie sanders. bernie sandwiches sounds like a hoodlum from goodfellas. i was down there with johnny two-times and bernie sandwiches. with he call him bernie sandwiches because when he would off a dude he would bury them between two giant pieces of bread. that bernie sandwiches an johnny two-times, don't even think about it. terrible accent. (laughter) tragic. but come on, no.
11:36 pm
>> james: yeah, that's right. going to get whacked. no. but the real story of last night a primary was john kasich who out of nowhere managed to take second place with republicans. if you don't know who john kasich is, this is a photo of him. actually, that is just the first photo that came up when we goggled old white guy. and we were right. we were right. i mean john kasich has been running for president for a full year now and finally last night 23% of all republicans in the state of new hampshire said sure, whatever. he'll do. but it seems like kasich major selling point is that he's not trump, cruz or jeb. (laughter) that that-- i think that should be his main platform. like his slogan should just be john kasich, not those other dudes. (laughter) should we have a look and see who our guests are on the show tonight? (cheers and applause).
11:37 pm
she is an oscar nominated actress. you know and love her from movies like "the help," and "doubt." we're so happy she is is here, the talented, the dazzling viola davis is here tonight! (cheers and applause) hi, viola. >> hi, good. >> james: how are you doing, good. >> i'm good. i'm ready. >> james: it's so nice to see you. we are all huge fans of yours here at the "late, late show." >> all right! >> james: oh, look at that. that is viola davis' excited dance. she only saves that for very, very special occasions, am i right? >> yes, i have my booty dance too. no, don't make me do that. (cheers and applause). >> james: i mean, it's not that i want you to. it's america wants you to. (cheers and applause).
11:38 pm
dance? >> i need more room. >> james: okay. we have plenty of room, we can't wait to see you later in the show. in the purple room tonight, you know her from "the comeback"." children's hospital "and" rock of ages "the stunning malin ackerman is here tonight. how are you? >> good, how are you. >> nice to see you too. just enjoying some cheese here in the back room. >> james: oh, are you eating cheese. are you not-- most actresses what come down are like no dairy, no gluten, basically no foods. >> no, all food. >> james: all foods. that's why we love her. (cheers and applause) ladies and gentlemen, in the orange room tonight, he is a two-time grammy-winning hip-hop legend and star of qutionz ncis: los angeles "who else could it
11:39 pm
cool j is here tonight. >> how are you? >> good. >> james: are you good? just getting some of your five a day. >> five or six a day. that's the flavor. >> james: look at this guy. just eating a bowl of melon has never been more sexually. >> hold on, hold on. hmmmm! >> james: let's just watch for ages. ll cool j, everybody. (cheers and applause) are you ready. >> reggie: yes. >> james: we'll guinness' reggie watts, i'm james corden and this, this is the "late, late show." roll the titles. the late, late show, oh, oh the late, late show, ooh the late, late show, oh, oh the late, late show oh, oh it's the late, late show
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(cheers and applause). >> james: thank you for being here. ladies and gentlemen, look who is on the sax tonight, my dad is on the sax phone. (cheers and applause) is that the jacket we bought you for christmas? >> it is. >> james: looks good. >> good. so do i. >> james: hey, guys, listen, we received some really good news at our show today. we got some news from youtube that our carpool karaoke with adele has now gone over 67 million views on youtube. (cheers and applause). >> james: which in itself is mind blowing to all of us am but we found out that this makes it the most-viewed youtube clip in the history of late-night television.
11:41 pm
everyone that watched it. what is great is finally adele is getting a bit of exposure. and that's what-- you know, you're welcome adele. every little helps. to put these-- to give you some perspective on these numbers, 67 million views is 66,9 million more views than we got for when we dressed up a bunch of comedians like cher and made them play musical chers-- chairs, we called musical chers. i still can't believe it didn't go viral, can you, reg. >> reggie: it seemed pretty obvious viral material. >> james: it felt like such a slam dunk to me. but my thanks to adele, without you i would never have peaked ten months into this job. so thank you so, so much. (cheers and applause). >> james: and thank you to everyone who subscribes to our youtube page am if you want to subscribe go on to youtube,
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we will keep trying to give you as much fun stuff as you can, whether you watch it now or watch it at your desk or with your kids or your family. we appreciate every single one of you. we've got a great show tonight. come on back, everybody. (cheers and applause) much announcement: this storm promises to be the biggest of the decade. with total accumulation of up to three feet. roads will be shut down indefinitely. and schools are closed. campbell's soups go great with a cold and a nice red. made for real, real life. sfx: rocket sfx: rocket blasting off sfx: (countdown) 3, 2, 1
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,, . >> james: reggie watts and my dad on saxophone, everybody. (applause). >> james: now last week the nfl gave the "late, late show" some amazing access in the week leading up to the super bowl. so naturally we sent two british grandparents who know nothing about football, my mum and dad. take a look. >> hey, i'm martin. >> i'm margaret corden. >> and we're here. >> cbs has flown us all the way to san francisco to watch the biggest match, football match in the world. >> super bowl 50. look at the place we're in. just a beautiful place. >> to have fun. i left my heart in san francis koa
11:47 pm
>> high on a hill. >> oh, i don't know any more than that it calls to me . >> don't know that. >> you know you look like mr. magoo. (applause) i'm from the "late, late show," james corden's "late, late show" on cbs. why should we support the broncos? >> well, we got a great football team. and got some great guys that love to play, love to play together. >> you and i are similar sort of ages. >> i agree. i agree.
11:48 pm
you have. >> are you ready? (cheers and applause) >> my wife is here. and one of the things she really loves is the kisscam on the nfl. could we have a kisscamcam with my wife. she's just on the side here. >> you want me to kiss your wife? >> are you saying the lines. >> yeah, this is honor of the "late, late show" on cbs. and it's reggie. >> can we take a picture with you guys. >> of course you can. >> have you snapchatted before. >> no. >> you should get one. >> one more time.
11:49 pm
>> fun day, james, i just hope you can experience the same adu lation that people are heaping on mum and i hear at the super bowl 50. one day it might happen to you. >> it is my pleasure to bring out the artist for the super bowl 50 halftime show coldplay. >> malcolm, do you have a question? >> i just wondered, if you need a bit of a hand on sunday, i could join you. i mean i would waive the fee, you know, to play along. and if we can get you moving around now. >> we would love you to do that.
11:50 pm
>> very nice, mr. corden. >> that was wonderful. >> just ordered some buffalo wings. >> a very special person has asked to meet the "late, late show" sports reporters. we will reveal who that is in just a moment. hi. >> hey guys. >> how are you doing? >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you too. >> now when are you in london, for that celebration. >> the palace. >> so when i score i started pretending i was going like that. then the turn. we just got a touchdown. >> turn. >> you go again. >> age the house. >> there we go. you got it down already. (applause) >> here we are. it is finally the day of the game.
11:51 pm
we've got all our things on. the hats, the jerseys the scarves and we have come to find out how can i be a broncos fan. >> and i can be a panthers fan. >> hey! giddyup giddyup giddyup. >> go, go broncos! go, go, broncos! >> so what is the chant that you are going to sing for the broncos today? >> all defense, defense, defense, defense. >> go, go, broncos! >> and she's your wife. >> yeah. >> and she's got the panthers on and you got the broncos on. that is a divided marriage. >> yeah, yeah, why don't we run away together. >> okay. >> go, go, broncos! go, go, broncos! go broncos!
11:52 pm
>> panthers a third and ten! the ball is out in the end zone. touchdown for the broncos! yes! >> first and goal. up and in. for the carolina touchdown. >> that's a touchdown for the panthers. wow, this is some show. and the broncos. have taken super bowl o 50. >> the broncos have won, yes! >> yes!
11:53 pm
>> wow. (applause) >> fantastic, incredible. >> amazing. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. i like your tattoo, by the way. >> on the forehead. fore told on the forehead. >> what about that within the only thing is this is my wife. now what do i do? what do i do? >> i hope y'all had a bet on it. >> we did have a bet. and i tell you what, that bet is coming to freuician when we hit the sack tonight. >> is your-- here in the stadium. >> yeah. oh, this is fantastic. you must be so proud. >> thank you. i am so proud of him.
11:54 pm
matter whether they are 3 feet or 6 foot 6. they're still your babies, aren't they? >> yeah. >> that sour grandson's name. and if he grows up half as successful as you, he will be a winner. well done. >> thank you so much. >> well, we've come to the end of our super bowl experience. and what a week it has been, isn't it, darling. >> absolutely amazing. mi not going to cry. it is amazing. and i just want to say a huge thank you to the people of san francisco without welcomed us so warmly to their hearts and looked after us better. >> and they say finish with a song. we left our heart in san fran. high on a hill it calls to me .
11:55 pm
(cheers and applause).
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